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Thank you for your interest in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. We are an organization of over 200,000 college-educated women who are committed to public service, with a focus on sustaining the growth and development of the African American community.

Q: How do I become a member of Delta Sigma Theta?
A: All chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated host a meeting, commonly known as the RUSH, where you receive information about the sorority and how to become a member. The RUSH activity is hosted at the discretion of the local chapter. All persons interested in becoming a member of Delta Sigma Theta must attend the official RUSH activity.

Q: I am a student in college. Are there any major requirements for membership that I should be aware of prior to attending RUSH?
A: Undergraduate:
To become a member of a collegiate chapter you must currently be enrolled as a student at an accredited college or university where there is an active chapter on campus or in the city. To find out the status of a chapter contact the Greek Affairs or Student Activities Office of your school. To apply for membership you must already have a cumulative minimum grade point average requirement of 2.75 on a 4.0 grading scale or a 1.75 on a 3.0 grading scale (which will take affect in Spring 2009).

Q: If I meet all requirements specified at RUSH do I automatically receive an invitation for membership intake?
A: No. Our goal is to select women who not only meet the basic requirements, but also exceed them. Deltas continue the tradition of excellence in all aspects. Therefore, Delta Sigma Theta invites all women to apply who exhibit excellent personal and professional character with high moral code, who have a commitment to giving back in service to the community.

Q: If I am not African American, can I still join?
A: Yes. Delta Sigma Theta is an equal opportunity organization. We are interested in women, who understand the founding principles of the organization and are willing to uphold and support the ideology and values of Delta Sigma Theta.

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If you have any further questions, you can contact our Chapter President Jordann Smart.

Anti-Hazing Statement

  • All acts of hazing or harassment, both physical and mental, shall be expressly prohibited.
  • A woman will not be subject to any act of hazing or harassment in connection with or during her initiation into membership in the Sorority.
  • The Sorority does not consent to, condone, acquiesce in or tolerate any act of hazing, harassment or humiliation in the Membership Intake Program; nor will the Sorority be responsible or liable for any damages, claims or actions based upon the conduct of any individuals, groups or associations purporting to perform any acts in the name of the Sorority or purported to be in any way connected with initiation into membership in the Sorority.
  • A woman otherwise qualified for membership will not be denied membership into the Sorority solely by reason of being related to a member of the Sorority.